Self-Service Launderette for Clancy Quay Residents

Clancy Quay

Save time & money on laundry

‍Located at the Ground Floor Garrison Building.

Wash & dry all your laundry in less than 1 hour.

How it works

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Why Speed Queen?

Eco Friendly Washing

Thanks to our advanced cold-water ozone wash technology and heat exchange systems, Speed Queen laundromat uses 30% less water and 40% less energy compared to traditional laundry methods.

Healthier Living Space

Using Speed Queen's self-service laundry eliminates the need for dryer racks and reduces the risks associated with indoor drying. Drying clothes inside, can lead to issues such as mould and bacteria growth, which can harm your living environment.

Save Time and Money

Our large capacity washers (including non-bio fabric detergent and softener) and dryers allow you to wash and dry more clothes in fewer loads. This efficiency saves you both time and money compared to using smaller, domestic machines.

Dedicated Pet Zone

Washer and dryer for all your pet laundry needs

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