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Policies, FAQ's and Terms of Use


We’ve gathered your most frequently asked questions about Speed Queen Laundry and answered them below. You can also find our Policies and Terms of Use. Please contact us if you have any questions on 01 903 9734.

  • What is the capacity of your washers?
    We have 8kg, 14kg and 18kg
  • Where are the launderettes located?
    Check out the locator at the top menu bar of our website.
  • How do I use the washing machine?
  • Is detergent included in my wash?
    Yes all machines are self loaded with non-bio detergent.
  • How can I pay?
    The only methods of payment that we accept is contactless card payment and payment through the Speed Queen app.
  • What happens if the machines aren't working properly?
    If you are having issues with any of the machines please call our service team on (+353) 1 903 9734 or drop us a direct message on any of our socials and we will be in touch!
  • How long are the cycles?
    The average cycle is 35 minutes. This may change depending on size of the wash load.
  • What are the opening hours?
    We are open from 7am to 10pm everyday in all our locations. Of which the last wash payment is accepted at 9:59pm. The doors into the launderette will lock at 10.30pm. Please ensure you have left the facility before this time.
  • Are all your washing machines cold water washes?
    Yes, all our machines use Ozone cold water wash technology. This means you will get the same results as a warm water wash and removes 99.9% of bacteria. Similar to machines used for hospital laundry.
  • What temperature are they dryers set at?
    High - 88 Degrees centigrade Medium - 82 Degrees centigrade Low - 71 Degrees centigrade Delicates - 54 Degrees centigrade
  • How much water is used?
    The amount of water used is dependent on the load. The machine calculates this in the prewash cycle, there is then a wash cycle and 3 rinse cycles.
  • What washer should I use for my duvet?
    Depending on the size of duvet. Make sure there is space between the top of the duvet and drum. 18kg is best for large duvets.
  • How do I use the dryer?
  • Customer Responsibility
    Please note that we do not assume any liability for self-service customers' laundry. Kindly ensure to inspect machines before and after each use. It is essential to check your pockets for items like crayons, lipstick, etc., both before loading and after unloading. It's important to acknowledge that some items may not withstand the washing process; their inclusion is at your own risk. Should you encounter a damaged machine, please inform us promptly and refrain from using it. When using any chemicals, adhere to the provided instructions, and avoid exceeding recommended soap quantities. Dyeing of clothing is prohibited, as is washing or drying rubber or tar-covered items. If you are dealing with insect infestations, please refrain from using our facilities. While washing or drying, the laundry baskets are communal and should not be reserved for the entirety of your visit. These baskets must remain within the store premises at all times. Maintaining cleanliness is important; we kindly ask that you tidy up after yourself and leave the store in the condition you found it. Smoking, loitering, soliciting, and bringing pets of any kind are strictly prohibited within our premises.
  • Exclusively Digital Transactions
    Kindly note that we solely operate on digital transactions and do not accommodate cash payments. This measure has been implemented for security reasons, particularly in the absence of permanent on-site staff presence. This practice safeguards our establishment from potential damages and ensures the well-being of both our Speed Queen personnel, including engineers and cleaners, and our valued customers. We understand that this approach may not be optimal for all patrons and extend our apologies for any resulting inconveniences. However, we firmly believe that this decision is in the best interest of maintaining a secure, efficient, and harmonious environment for all stakeholders – our team, our facility, and our customers.
  • Large, Bulky and Pet Items
    Kindly refrain from placing sizable or unwieldy articles in the standard washing machines, as they are not designed for such purposes. This directive also applies to pet-related articles. For all substantial items like rugs, mats, and pet bedding or belongings, please utilize the designated heavy-duty machines. Please be advised that any damages resulting from inappropriate usage in regular machines may incur liability on your part.
  • Usage of Laundry Beads
    Feel free to utilize scented laundry beads, exclusively within the washing machines. Please refrain from using these beads in dryers, as they could potentially harm the dryer filters. These beads have the tendency to pass through the dryer's air vents, which may lead to their melting beneath the machines, potentially affecting the machine filters. It's essential to note that any resulting damages could incur liability on your part.
  • Show Respect
    The laundromat and the people within it are all there for the same service. Therefore, you want to show respect to the establishment and the people around you. · Clean up any spills. · Throw away your trash. · Keep children occupied. · Use headphones for videos, music, or podcasts. · Help those around you that might be having trouble with machines, if possible. · Wait until your clothes are washed to claim a dryer. · Avoid taking up more space than necessary with purses or coats.
  • Overloading Machines
    Avoid overloading machines, as it can lead to suboptimal results and potential damage. Overloading machines will not wash or dry your laundry to provide the results expected.
  • After-Use Inspection
    Prior to departing the premises, we kindly ask you to conduct a thorough examination of the machines you've utilized and confirm their cleanliness for the subsequent user. Should you find a machine to be notably unclean and unsuitable for proper use, we encourage you to get in touch with the Speed Queen team at 01 907 9734. Your vigilance in this matter contributes to the overall upkeep of our facility and the satisfaction of all customers.
  • Assistance and Questions
    Our customer service team is here to assist you. Feel free to call and ask for help with any machine or facility-related questions. We have the ability to diagnose and fix 95% of the issues over the phone.
  • Hygiene and Stain Treatment
    In the event that your garments are notably soiled, we kindly ask you to undertake suitable cleaning procedures prior to utilizing our machines. Our machines are equipped with automated detergent and softener dispensers to facilitate the washing process. However, if your articles are extensively soiled or feature stubborn stains, it will be necessary to perform a stain removal procedure prior to laundering to effectively eliminate these blemishes.
  • Cleanliness
    Clean up after yourself and dispose of any trash in the designated bins. Wiping down the machines and folding tables after use to help maintain a clean environment.
  • Potential Laundry Damage
    Please follow the labels on your garments according to the care instructions attached by the manufacturer. Our machines are designed to exercise the utmost care in cleaning and processing garments. Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials which may result in tears or the development of small holes in fabric that are not readily apparent prior to processing. During the cleaning process, we cannot guarantee against colour loss, colour bleeding, shrinkage or damage to weak and tender fabrics.
  • Operating Hours
    We operate from the hours of 7am to 10pm everyday in all our locations. The last payment for a wash or dry is accepted at 9:59pm. The doors into the launderette will lock at 10.30pm. Please ensure you have left the facility before this time.
  • Loitering and Anti-Social Behaviour
    We wish to create a comfortable and safe environment for everyone using our premises. Therefore, we kindly request your cooperation in adhering to our policy regarding loitering and anti-social behaviour. Loitering: Loitering, defined as lingering aimlessly or without a valid reason, is not permitted within our premises. We ask all visitors to use our facilities for their intended purposes and to refrain from congregating in areas where it may hinder the flow of other customers. Anti-Social Behaviour: We strongly discourage any form of anti-social behaviour, including but not limited to loud disturbances, offensive language, harassment, vandalism, or any activity that may cause discomfort or harm to others. Our aim is to maintain a welcoming and respectful atmosphere where everyone can use the facilities without disruption. In the event that any individual is found engaging in loitering or displaying anti-social behaviour, appropriate action will be taken to ensure the comfort and safety of all patrons. Please report any suspicious or unsolicited activity to our support team on 01 907 9734.
  • Refunds
    Each refund request will be examined and addressed on an individual basis. Refunds, when applicable, will be provided in the form of Speed Queen store credit, accessible through the Speed Queen app. If preferred, upon request, refunds can also be issued back to the original payment card used for the transaction. For card refunds, it's important to supply the initial 6 digits and the concluding 4 digits of the card linked to the transaction. This process is automated and might take 3-5 business days to finalise. In circumstances where an inquiry is required into the underlying causes prompting a refund request, please allow for up to 24 hours for a comprehensive investigation. It is important to note that if evidence suggests misuse of our equipment, we reserve the right to decline the refund request. We remain committed to ensuring fair and timely resolutions for all our customers.
  • Children in the laundrette
    Children must be supervised by parent(s) or guardian(s) and are not allowed to play in or with any of the laundromat machines. It will be dangerous for them.
  • Machine Use
    Familiarise yourself with the operating instructions displayed on each machine before use. - Avoid overloading machines, as it can lead to suboptimal results and potential damage. Overloading machines will not wash or dry your laundry to provide the results expected. - Before putting your clothes inside the machines, please check and ensure that there are no other objects or articles inside. - Please ensure that door is properly closed to avoid leakage. - If your clothes left dirt, grease, sand or any other form of dirt in and out of the machine, please clean the machine for the next user.
  • Privacy
    We will use your customer information only in the regular course of providing services to you. We respect your privacy and warrant that any information you give us will be held with the utmost care and security and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented. Providing us with a correct and up to date email allows us to better serve you, firstly, by being able to contact you about relevant information and secondly to inform you of any special promotion.
  • Lost and Found Items
    We cannot assume responsibility for items that are lost and found within the laundromat premises. Should you misplace any belongings during your visit, please contact our team at 01 907 9734 to report the missing item(s). Our team will make a record of the report and investigate whether the items have been turned in.
  • Unattended Items
    It's important not to leave your clothing unattended. You don't have to sit and watch your laundry go through the wash or dry cycle. However, if you are going to run errands or take a brisk walk, then you'll want to set a timer on your phone for the length of the cycle. Why? Because others need to use those machines. Your clothes are likely to get removed by someone who needs them. Our policy is that once the machine ends and after 10 minutes the next customer has the right to remove your items.
  • Why is my notification of cycle completion not sending?
    Be sure you have opted-in to receive notifications via text, email or push notifications and that the setting is turned on.
  • Why can’t I select I select my desired washer/dryer?
    Check the machine number and ensure it is not already in use.
  • Why can’t I login?
    Ensure you have verified your account with the verification code sent via email.
  • What if the app will not download?
    Ensure you are connected to WiFi or cellular data and have cellular service.
  • I’m having trouble adding money to my wallet.
    Verify payment details are correct.
  • Why won’t my machine start after selection?
    Ensure the correct machine has been selected and paid for in the app before pressing Start on the machine. Start button must be pressed on the machine.
  • Why can’t I start my machine?
    Be sure Rewards or account balance has the required euro amount shown. Reward credits must cover the full payment and cannot be split with another payment type.
  • What if I didn’t receive the email verification?
    Check spam/junk folders and confirm your email address was input correctly.

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