How To Use

How to use

Using Speed Queen is easy


It's Simple

Step 1

Load your machine - Detergent, softener & sanitiser will be automatically added.

Step 2

Select your desired wash or dry programme.

Step 3

Pay using any of the 3 payment methods.

Phone wallet (Google or Apple Pay)

Credit or debit card

Use our app. Learn more about our app here

Step 4

After making payment press the start button at the washing machine.

Ozone Technology

Ozone washing machine technology uses electricity and oxygen in a unique way to replace most of the chemicals you would find in the more standard, traditional laundry washing process.

We can achieve high-quality washing results without using hot water or hazardous chemicals. There are so many benefits to using Ozone but one of the biggest is that it is more environmentally friendly.

Ozone Technology

Ozone wash cleans and sanitises your laundry better. Ozone is such a powerful oxidant that it kills microorganisms 3,000 times faster than bleach.

Ozone wash helps your laundry smell better and feel softer. Ozone wash is more environmentally friendly.

Ozone laundry doesn’t require hot water, which means it consumes less energy. It also requires less chemicals to clean and sanitise effectively, which means less rinsing water is needed and fewer chemicals are discharged into the environment in wastewater.

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