Own a Speed Queen

Own a Speed Queen

Speed Queen Ireland Solution

Ready to invest in a connected business, remotely manageable and without permanent employees?


With over 3 years in the Irish market combined with 30+ years in Europe. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Speed Queen Europe and Ireland organisations to bring value and success to your very own laundrette.


On hand leadership team that brings key learnings, critical solutions and ideas to support the process of setting up and operating a Speed Queen in Ireland.

Turn key solution

The turnkey solution delivers everything from mechanical and electrical. Executing a full store fit-out, furniture and supply of all machines required. Additionally providing the technology required to operate daily.


Included in our licence is customer and backend technology and apps, marketing, phone and social customer service as well as full business support.

Patrick Brennan, CEO of DNL, and Brian Whyte, Chairman of DNL, are Partners of Speed Queen Licensed Stores, a self-service laundry concept developed by Alliance Laundry Systems, the world leader in professional laundry equipment. DNL owns 24 Speed Queen in Ireland and is ready to support Irish entrepreneurs to develop their own network of launderettes. This opportunity aims to introduce the Speed Queen brand and its offerings to potential investors seeking prime locations and substantial passive revenue in a rapidly expanding market.

Speed Queen is the preferred choice among self-service laundries for the general public. With more than 1,200 stores in 30 European countries, Speed Queen is today the name of European self service laundries.

For those interested, you will find below all the essential elements that establish Speed Queen as one of the most lucrative and prosperous investment options, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking to diversify their investment portfolio.

Patrick and Brian on the day of opening the 1,000th Speed Queen store in Europe in Tallaght, July 2022.


Location requirements

The hardest part is not about knowing how to open a laundromat but deciding where to open it. The choice of location is a strategic question. The estimated turnover of a self-service laundromat is calculated according to the demographic data and the characteristics of the targeted area which at Speed Queen Ireland, we can provide!

We have demographic information and will analyse it with you to select the most appropriate location for your Speed ​​Queen self-service laundromat.

The variables are how many machines will fit into the space and the amount of work that needs to be done in the unit, (800-1200 SQ ft).

Financial requirements

Start-up costs

As with any business, opening a laundry business involves capital investment . The costs vary, depending on the size of the self-service laundromat, its location, and the number of machines or ancillary services.​ However, start-up costs can be recovered quickly thanks to the success rate of the sector and its excellent return on investment. Our teams are experts in the field and will help you take all the elements into account for your project. A new store owner would be required to fund a minimum of €250,000, this is the approximate amount required for the turnkey installation of the recommended minimum of 16 machines. ​
License and operational costs​​

There are no royalty fees. Just a monthly operational licence fee of circa €800 that covers all software licence fees, call centre, customer service  and marketing.

Knowledge requirements

Opening a Speed ​​Queen self-service laundromat does not require any specific skill. No diploma or special training is required. It is therefore a concept accessible to all! Better still: in a self-service laundromat, it is the customers and the machines that do the work. Not you! No need then for any on-site presence. This is what makes the self-service laundromat perfect as a second job: you do not have to leave your job to get ahead in this activity.​ Additionally, we have a team and leadership that support you every step of the way. This ensures all details are covered and you have the full insight you require to continuously deliver an exceptional service.

10 reasons to invest in Speed Queen.


Stable returns even in uncertain times


The annual return can exceed the 30% of the initial investment in appropriate locations and with sufficient number of machines


Profitability above retail businesses


Expected return on investment in 4 of 5 years


No payment royalties


No need for permanent employees


Does not require specific skills from the investor


No product warehouse


No competition online


Relatively low break-even point thanks to small fixed costs

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